Store Clone



New store clone feature application to copy any existing Print Store to a new root domain or subdomain

Print Store clone features

  1. Added Store Clone page at Print Store>Settings>Domain Tools>Store Clone
  2. Added Store toggles: Categories, Tags, Email Notifications
  3. Added Pages toggles: Page CMS, Category CMS, Product CMS, Tag CMS, Pricing CMS, HTML Snippets, Blog CMS
  4. Added Pricing toggles: Base Pricing, Promotion Codes, Tax/Vat Settings
  5. Added Settings toggles: Email Account, General Settings, Merchant Accounts, Order Status, Shipping Methods
  6. Added Checkout Settings toggles: Checkout Fields, Country Lists, Translations
  7. Added Editor toggles: Autofill Profiles, Offline Templates, Settings
  8. Added Clone Source selection
  9. Added Destination Print Store location
  10. Added Store name 
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