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With User Carts, you are able to look at what customers currently have in their carts. User Carts provides both customer and product information; this includes addresses, product photos, and sub totals. In addition to viewing, User Carts also allows you to make edits to the user profile and product information. 




Search User Cart

  1. From your Unified admin, go to Print Store>Users>User Carts.
  2. From the User Cart page, your log will be filtered by default from newest to oldest
  3. You can filter by ascending and descending order by clicking on the header column.
  4. You can search by keyword in the search box on top of the page.
  5. You can filter by selecting a Start Date and End Date to view orders within a certain time frame. 
  6. You can bring the list back to its original state by clicking the Reset button in the top right corner. 
Customer #
The unique customer id number
First Name
The users first name of which the order was created by
Last Name 
The users last name
The email address the user used to created this order
Last Updated
The date of which the last changes were made to the order
Item Count 
The amount of products currently in the users cart 
Sub total
The total of all items in the order together. 
The option to edit or delete  


Edit/View User Cart

  1. From your Unified admin, go to Print Store>User carts.
  2. Find the order you would like to edit and click the Actions Icon.
  3. Click Customer Info and click the Cart tab.


Preview: Photo preview the item
Name: Name of the item 
Quantity: How many of that item are in the order
Total: The cost for the quantity of the item
Last Updated: Date and time of when last change was made
Action: Option to delete the item from the order


Last Login: The date and time of when the user logged in last
Orders: The quantity of orders the user has
Projects: The number of current projects being worked on
Carts: Number of carts
Albums: Number of albums 
Imagines: Number of images


Storefront: The current Storefront name user is assigned to.
Username: The username entered during account creation.
FirstName: The first name entered during account creation.
LastName: The last name entered during account creation.
Email: The email entered during account creation.
Organization: Choose from the drop down menu to select an organization
User Group: Choose from the drop down menu to select a user group
Company: Add the company name
Approver: A user that approves orders requiring approval.
Mktg Option: Shows if the user opts into marketing at account creation.
Sales Rep: A user that can log into Storefront as any user in the system.
Vendor: A user account attached to a vendor to track outsourcing.
Tax Exempt: Charge tax or make user exempt to pay tax.

Reset Password

Admin can reset users password if required with this control

Profile Picture

Change the profile picture
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