Admin Users


Admin users are users that can access both the front-end Print Store and back end PrintNow Admin Tools. User Roles are assigned to a standard site user account and when saved will appear under Admin users page.

Add Admin Users

  1. From your Unified admin, go to Print Store>Users>Site Users.
  2. Customer #: Customer ID number
  3. First Name: User first name
  4. Last Name: User last name
  5. Email Address: User email address
  6. Approver: Toggle if the User is an approver or not
  7. Mktg option: Toggle for access to marketing options
  8. Sales Rep: If your user is a Sales Rep that may be placing orders on behalf of the end user then click the toggle.  
  9. Tax Exemp: click the toggle to enable tax exemptions. 
  10. Last login: record of when the customer last logged in.
  11. From the Site Users page, click on Actions Icon and click View/Edit on the row.
  12. To assign Admin role click Add Admin Role button.
  13. Assign Storefront, Assign User Role.
  14. Click Save.
  15. Now admin user will be listed under Print Store>Users>Admin Users and can access both the Print Store and Unified Admin Tools.
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