Site Bindings


Use Site Bindings to configure your custom root-domains, sub-domains, generate CSR requests, upload and bind your purchased SSL Certificates.  All Print Stores when activated can be accessed via system domain listed in your domain details with or without domain mappings. 


Enable Domain

  1. From your Unified admin, go to Print Store>Settings>Domain Tools>Site Bindings.
  2. Before enabling a custom root domain or subdomain make sure your domain is forwarded to the IP listed in your domain details. You would need to manage this in the DNS settings your registrar provides you. Once the DNS settings propagate across the internet and you verify the IP is forward properly to correct IP proceed to step 3
  3. Enter Root Domain and toggle on Enable checkbox
  4. Click Save.
  5. You should now be able to enter your domain to access both the Print Store and PrintNow Admin Tools. e.g. or

Enable SSL Certificate

  1. If you have the ability to generate the PFX format that contains both the certificate + Private Keys then you can click Upload SSL Certificate, toggle on "Certificate + Private Keys (PFX), Select your PFX certificate file, enter your password, and click save to upload. The Issue To, Issue By, and Expires On fields should show your certificate at this time. Proceed to step 3. Otherwise, proceed to step 2.
  2. If you are to receive the PEM or CRT format then you will need to first need to Generate a CSR request. Click Generate CSR. Fill out domain details: Common Name, Organization, Organizational Unit, City/Locality, State/Province, Country/Region. Only Common Name is required. Click Save, then Copy and save the text that is generated offline you can refer back to. When purchasing the SSL certificate they will request that information. PrintNow uses IIS servers if the question comes up before downloading your files. When your files are generated and downloaded you can click Upload SSL Certificate, toggle on "Certificate (PEM/CRT), Select your PEM/CRT certificate file and click save to upload. The Issue To, Issue By, and Expires On fields should show your certificate at this time. Proceed to step 3.
  3. The final step is to bind the uploaded certificate. Select the certificate in the top grid, Enable "Storefront SSL" on the domain details on the right column and click save. Your Print Store and PrintNow Admin Tools should show secure when accessing your root or subdomain.
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