Clean Up Manager


The Clean Up Manager was designed to delete all unused data tied to temp users in the system. A temp user is any B2C (Retail) user that uses the system without creating an account. B2B Print Stores don't have temp user data as everyone accessing the system is required to log in to gain access to the system. It's a good idea on a high volume traffic B2C Print Stores with self-registration to run the cleanup manager time to time to keep your database optimized and delete unused Images to save space on PrintNow.  


Run Cleanup

  1. From your Unified admin, go to Print Store>Settings>Domain Tools>Clean Up Manager.
  2. From the Clean Up Manager page, click Run Cleanup.
  3. Please be patient while the cleanup process is running. The more temporary users you have the longer the process may take.
  4. When complete you will get a report on deleted items like the sample report below.

Sample Report:
Users Deleted: 316667
Shopping Carts Deleted: 15874
Shopping Cart Items Deleted: 86
Projects Deleted: 1257
Albums Deleted: 74
Images Deleted: 164  

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