Product collections


Added the ability to define product Collections that can be further assigned to both organizations and user groups for user-specific dynamic product catalogs.

Global products and global pricing alone allow you to expand your products across Print Stores but when using product collections your product catalog can change dynamically as your Organizations or User Groups change within each Print Store. Collections are combined together automatically so you can organize them however you want to make them easy to manage. 

Those customers familiar with maintaining the previous exclusion method will appreciate how easy the new Collections features are to administer moving forward. 

Add Collection

  1. From your Unified admin, go to Print StoreCollections
  2. To add a category click “+ Add Collection”.
  3. Enter the Title of your collection.
  4. Click Save to be able to search for products.
  5. To search products click the actions icon, view/edit, click the "+ Search Products" button. You can choose from the categories drop down menu to filter results. 
  6. To search for categories click the actions icon, view/edit, click the "+ Search Category" button. 
  7. Click Save to add products to collections.
  8. See Organizations or User Groups to assign collections.
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