The DataWidget US Patent 10,102,557 by LeadsPlease enables your users to buy targeted direct mailing lists. Real-time counts and list previewing in the browser. Lists are sold through your Print Store at your retail prices and purchased from LeadsPlease at wholesale prices. Instantly make money from data sales. 

Users love the DataWidget because it’s fast and easy to refine counts and do research in real-time. Sell more lists with your printed products with the DataWidget. 100’s of millions of rows of Consumer and Business data provided by Experian® and Equifax®. You can add specialty databases. You can switch on and off hundreds of demographics. You can add your customer sales data for real-time retention marketing.

LeadsPlease setup

The DataWidget UI

Activate Partner Integration

  1. From your Unified admin, go to Partner Apps>LeadsPlease.
  2. Click the Set up LeadspPlease Account button
  3. Affiliate Code: Affiliate Code provided by LeadsPlease.
  4. Username: Username provided by LeadsPlease.
  5. Password: Password provided by LeadsPlease.
  6. Production Mode: 
    1. Not Enabled: Used for testing, data won’t be complete and you won’t be charged
    2. Enabled: Enable when ready to go live. You will be charged for what is ordered.
  7. Default To Purchase: When enabled the purchase tab will be enabled by default.
  8. Auto-map Common Fields: When enabled the data mapping process will be skipped for purchased lists only.
  9. Allow Purchased Lists Downloads: When enabled the purchased lists will be saved in each user account and they won't be charged for using it for future orders. 


To use LeadsPlease you must enable Data List Management features that come standard in PrintNow. As long as credentials are entered correctly during set up all users will have the option to upload a new list, choose a list previously upload, or purchase new list from LeadsPlease data widget.

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