The Reports section displays reports related to sales, tax, orders, products, promotions, customers, shipping, sales reps, saved projects, user sessions, conversion rates. You can report on individual Print Stores or combine them together from any start and end date range. Generate the reports on screen or export the results to Excel or Goggle docs. 

The following reports are made available in the Reports section:

Report What it shows for the data
Sales Report Store, Users, Orders, Average Order Total, Gross Order Total
Tax Report Group Country, Order Date, Sub(Subtotal), sum(Shipping Total), sum(Promo Total), sum(Tax Total), sum(Grand Total) *Note: If you're using TaxJar integration separate reports will be made available in PrintNow and TaxJar.
Order Report Period, Orders, Items, Items Total, Tax, Shipping.
Order Details Report ID, Invoice, User Group, Customer Email, Customer Company, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Order Date, Status, Store Url, Sales Rep, Subtotal, Tax, Shipping, Promotion, Grand Total, Promotion Code, Shipping Provider, Shipping Method, Tracking #
 Order Item Details Report ID, User Group, Order Date, Customer, Customer Company, Username, Item Id, Product, Item Status, Item Id, Model Id, Quantity, Item Total, Ship To, Addr 1, Addr 2, Addr 3, Addr 4, City, State, Zip, Shipped Date, Shipping Provider, Shipping Total, Shipping Method, Tracking #
 Product Sales Report Product ID, Category, Product Name, Quantity, Orders, Sales
 Promotion Code Report Promotion Code, Description, Expiration, Order Count, Gross Discount
Customer List Report Cust ID, Company, First Name, Last Name, Email, Username, Date Created, Last Login, Orders, Sales, Mktg Email
Customer Sales Report Cust ID, Company, First Name, Last Name, Email, Username, Date Created, Last Login, Orders, Sales
Shipping Report Shipping Provider, Shipping Method, Gross Shipping Total, Order Total
Sales Rep. Report Rep. ID, Sales Representative, Total Orders, Average Sale, Total Sales
Saved Projects Report Customer ID, Company, First Name, Last Name, Email, Username, Projects
User Session Storefront, Visitors, Sessions
Conversion Rate Storefront, Sessions, Project Saved, Added to cart, Reached checkout, Sessions converted, Conversion rate
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