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If you are licensing the Enterprise Editor you have the ability to make a custom skin for the Print Editor itself. The outer-styles.css file contains most of the styles on the top and side bar. You will find styles in the inner-styles.css file for The main template area where the templates load into.


It's highly recommended to use a developer comfortable with HTML & CSS to Print Editor Skins. PrintNow is not responsible for issues related to 3rd party code updates. Consider using PrintNow's developing services for professional assistance if required. 

Follow these basic steps to get started: 

Here are a few basic tips 

Print Editor Skin

  1. Download the default Print Editor zip file.
  2. Use a tool like Chrome to inspect elements on your current default theme so you know what file and properties to change before posting changes.
  3. Makes changes locally and post changes via FTP to your custom theme. All Enterprise clients get a special FTP link to post changes to the Print Editor skins directory. 
  4. Preview changes using a template assigned to your Print Store until your satisfied.

Site Themes Editor


Site Themes Editor

Site Themes Editor

Site Themes Editor

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Print Editor theme structure

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