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The Site Themes Editor is where you store, preview, publish, clone, and edit all your Print Store themes within the PrintNow Admin Tools. It has a built in file manager for downloading, uploading


 Code View
Toggle between HTML code view with line numbers and Design view
 Bold (Ctrl+B)
Make font style bold
 Italic (Ctrl+I)
Make font style Italic
 Underline (Ctrl+U)
Add underline attribute
 Strikethrough (Ctrl+S)
Add Strikethrough attribute
Make text selection subscript
Make text selection subscript
 Font Family
Change Font Family on text
 Font Size
Specify a specific Font Size on text
Specify text color or background color
 Clear Formatting
Clears all applied styles
 Paragraph Format
Assign a paragrah format like h1, h2, p, pre
Increase or Decrease quote style
Align left, center, right, or justified
 Ordered List
An ordered list is a numerical list of items
 Unordered List
An unordered list is a bulleted list of items
 Decrease Indent (Ctrl+[)
Decrease distance between the current paragraph
 Increase Indent (Ctrl+])
Increased distance between the current paragraph
 Insert Link (Ctrl+K)
Insert text and URL link
 Insert Image (Ctrl+P)
Upload, Link, or upload or select images. Images uploaded in this control are stored in one dedicated folder.
 Insert Video
Upload, Link,  or Embedded Code for Videos.
 Select All
Simply select all CMS formatted content
 Upload File
Upload file to referrence in code
 Insert Table
Insert simple HTML table layout
 Undo (Ctrl+Z)
Undo changes throughout the user session
 Redo (Ctrl+Shift+Z)
Redo changes throughout the user session
Toggle Fullscreen mode to expand control
Insert Emoticon face icons
 Insert Horizontal Line
Add horizontal rule <hr> tag
 Help (Ctrl+/)
Shows all shortcuts menu
Lists all HTML Snippets entered In PrintNow
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