PrintNow Software Updates


Updates not only patch security holes, but they will also bring new features and improve existing ones. You don’t want to fall behind the times and PrintNow doesn't either so we are consistently improving the platform and adding new features that help our customers grow.   

PrintNow typically pushes minor revisions on a daily basis. We update the Changelog you can access in the PrintNow Admin tools on a monthly basis. If we need to make any system changes that require downtime we do that during scheduled maintenance each week, starting on Saturday at approximately 11:00 PM Eastern Time, and ending on Sunday at approximately 1:00 AM, Eastern Time. PrintNow will use its best efforts to minimize the system unavailability due to maintenance, but the total time for maintenance may vary and may be more than as stated herein. 

In the event that this window will be needed in a given week, PrintNow will make every effort to notify the Licensee no less than forty-eight (48) hours prior to the window. If it is determined during the window that the scheduled maintenance will run over the two (2) hour window (“Overages”), the Licensee will be notified immediately and receive regular updates until the period is complete. During these scheduled maintenance periods, the system and services may be unavailable to Licensee and Licensee’s Users. Scheduled Maintenance Windows are not counted against System Availability percentages.


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