What are your development rates?


PrintNow's development rates and descriptions are listed on our company website here: https://www.printnow.com/print-business-services/development/

We have a team of developers that specialize in different technologies. Our developers that focus on front-end design and development are between $125-$150 per hour. Others specialize in integration methods using the standard PrintNow API's are priced out at $200 per hour. PrintNow Core Development that is all back-end .NET, Angular, & SQL Server is $250 per hour as it requires our top core team. 

We typically price out a fixed cost for our projects if the requirements are solid and we do work with companies on long term projects by giving back where we can. 

Please consider PrintNow for your development needs beyond licensing alone. If we can't help you because of budgetary reasons we will understand and will do our best to direct your resources on support.

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