Editor Defaults is the page dedicated to settings that are at the Print Store level. All changes are global for the root or subdomain being configured. 

Editor Defaults

  1. From your Unified admin, go to Print Editor>Settings.


Show rulers by default
Toggle rules on or off
Hide non-final items when proofing
When toggled on the proof view in Print Editor will show just printed items only
Send print-ready file uploads in Print Store to Print Editor
Toggle rules on or off
Font List
Define you default font list that will be used when "Load company fonts" is used on the product level.
Editor Skin
Used when developing custom Print Editor skins.
Warning DPI
Set the default DPI. Base Pricing has Target DPI that will override Editor default.
DPI Buffer
Allows flexible DPI. A setting of "50" for instance would allow 150% zoom value before the warning will be shown.
Use legacy clipart functionality
When toggled on clip art can be replaced like a regular image placeholder. 
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