Knowing how orders work in PrintNow is an essential element of running your business. After a customer places an order, it appears in the Orders area of PrintNow. Files can be downloaded in PrintNow or via FTP. PrintNow supports various methods for order integration (XML, Zapier, API).

View Orders

  1. From your Unified admin, go to Print Store>Orders.
  2. The Active, Archived, Deleted tabs will list orders and you can select any row and assign them to any of those 3 tabs. The tabs will update order totals on active tab.
  3. To search orders click Toggle Search Panel. Search by Start & End Date, Status, Sales Rep, Search term (Order#, Storefront, BillTo, ShipTo)
  4. To view quick order details click arrow on first column next to Order# to expand row. Customer Information, Ordered Items, Order Information will be listed.
  5. To sort columns click on header row. Order#, Storefront, BillTo, ShipTo, Order Date, Total, Status.
  6. To Archive or Delete an order, click on the order to highlight it and then click either the archive or delete buttons in the top right corner next to the Toggle Search Panel. 
  7. Orders are configured with lazy load for fast load times so page will scroll continuously until getting to the end. It is recommended to archive your orders time to time.


View/Edit Details

  1. From your PrintNow admin, go to All Orders.
  2. Click Actions Icon, and View/Edit.
Order Info Billing & Shipping Products Order Notes
Created On: Posted date and time the order was generated.
Order Status: Displays the current order status.
Order #: Displays the order number generated by PrintNow.
Storefront: Displays the Storefront the order was generated from.
Customer Info
Company: Displays the company name created on the account creation.
Name: Displays the customers First and Last name created on the account creation.
Username: Displays the username created on the account creation.
Email: Displays the email address created on the account creation.
IP Address: Displays the IP Address of the user that placed the order.
Order Totals
Payment: Displays Credit Card, Invoice, or Purchase Order.
Order Subtotal: Displays Order Subtotal.
Order Shipping: Displays the Shipping charged.
Order Tax: Displays tax collected
Order Promotion: Displays the amount discounted on promotion.
Order Total: Shows the total amount collected on order.


Download Orders

  1. From your PrintNow admin, go to All Orders.
  2. Click Action Icon and click Download to download ZIP Archive.
  3. You can also download Order Items by clicking View/Edit, navigating to the products tab, click Actions Icon and click Download Product.

Use FTP accounts for Order Downloads

The fastest way to download orders and post changes to your site themes is using a FTP service. You can set-up FTP accounts by going to Settings/Domain Tools/ FTP Accounts.

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