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  1. Test Files
  2. Adobe Indesign IDML Export
  3. Photoshop PSD Export
  4. Photo Merge PSD Import
  5. Template IDML Import

  1. Test Files

See attached file that contains test files to review.  



2. Adobe Indesign IDML Export

See Adobe IDML Templates article for instructions on how to export IDML from Adobe Indesign documents.

3. Photoshop PSD Export

See 104032.psd file as an example. It is recommend to use 1200px x 1200px or above to
maintain a quality preview.


1. Layers

You can add any number of layers you want for some unique effects but the two that get
replaced in PrintNow are any smart layers and any rasterized layers used for color


2. Smart Objects

When making a smart layer make sure it matches the ratio of the imprint area defined in
your template in PrintNow. The easiest way is to use the rectangle tool in Photoshop to
define the ratio and convert it to a smart object. The name of the layer needs to match the
tag name in PrintNow for it to replace correctly.

You can use the Transform features in Photoshop to place and warp artwork in position.
Puppet Warp is not supported in our graphics library.


3. Color

Color changes in PrintNow using SVG graphics can be applied to the Photo Merge
feature. The name of the layer needs to match the tag name in PrintNow for it to replace
correctly. The layer in Photoshop also needs to be a rasterized layer and NOT a smart
object. PrintNow applies a color multiply on top of the color object so make sure your
default item is as close to white as possible for the color to match correctly and it’s
transparent where color shouldn’t show.

4. Save PhotoShop file.

Simply save your file as a .PSD file with Layers maintained

4. Photo Merge PSD Import

  1. From your Unified admin, go to Print Editor>Photo Merge.
  2. Click the “+Add Photo Merge Group” button
  3. Add a Group Name and click save
  4. Click the left black arrow to expand grid
  5. Click Add Photo Preview button to popup dialog box
  6. Add a Title Name that will show in the front end
  7. Select PSD file and click save
  8. Choose to repeat steps for more than one proof option
  9. Your Photo Merge files are now uploaded and ready to be mapped to template data. 
    1. From your Unified admin, go to Print Editor>Products.
    2. Click Actions/Edit button to edit product details
    3. Click Print Editor
    4. Change Preview Type to “Photo Merge” and select correct Photo Group name
    5. Save Changes
    6. Preview and Test.




For Enterprise customers interested in using Photo Merge in 3rd party deployments please contact PrintNow for PSD Preview Transfer URL and Basic Authentication parameters

  5. Template IDML Import

See Products for more information on how to import IDML on a new or existing products.


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