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PrintNow supports 3D models created with Boxshot software or other free software like Blender for instance that can export OBJ models. A common product in PrintNow that can benefit from 3D is print packaging products like boxes and other folded dimensional products but there are many other potential uses for 3D models with web-to-print software like PrintNow. See Boxshot software documentation for full instructions on how to make OBJ/MTL files prior to upload into PrintNow.


3D Models Stock Mats Frames
3D Models
To search for a model, use the search bar in the top right corner
ID: The 3D model ID number
Name: The name of  the model 
Background Color: The chosen fill color
Applet Width: The attribute width measurement
Applet Height: The attribute height measurement 
Action: The option to edit, delete, or download
Adding a 3D Models
To add a new model, click the +Add 3D Model button in the top right corner
Name: The name of the model 
Model File (OBJ): Select a file
Program File (MTL): Select a file 
Fill: Fill Color is the default background color that will be used.
Applet Width: Enter the width attribute of the applet 
Applet Height: Enter the height attribute of the applet
Meson Code: Meson Code is all optional. AutoRotate is set to false by default.
BackroundColor1 & 2 creates a gradient and overrides “Fill Color”. The BackgroundImageURL will load the embedded image behind the model.
Upload Pages: Upload pages allow custom upload products an override for texture names. For more than one texture separated by a comma.
Optional Parameters
'BackgroundImageUrl': 'Insert base64 output here'
Assigning a 3D Model 
Go to Print Store>Products and select a category where all templates are made available.
 Edit the correct product, go to Print Editor, and change Preview Type.
From the pulldown menu, assign the correct model
Click Save when done. 
Publish product and test model on the front end for accuracy for the final step.

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