Elements, Clipart, Shapes

The Elements, Clipart, Shapes as some users call them can be configured to assign fixed libraries to your product template. You can create these as SVG files if you want users to be able to change the actual colors contained within them or you can create them in other image formats like PDF, PSD, JPG, PNG for vector and rasterized files. 


Before saving your vector files using a program like Adobe Illustrator make sure your artboard is sized to match the exact size of your element. Use "Fit to Artwork Bounds" found under Object/Artboards in Adobe Illustrator. This is required for the print-ready merge process to work as expected.

Add Elements

  1. From your Unified admin, go to Print Editor>Elements.
  2. To add a new element group click the +Add Element button, enter name, description, save.
  3. To add element items to an existing group first click the ">" arrow on the far left of the group to expose sub-items like the screenshot above. 
    1. Now click the +Add button within the subgrid.
    2. Select a supported file type.
    3. Click upload and you will see your element items listed
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