The Layouts feature in PrintNow can be configured to allow the replacement of your product template with a layout template. You can configure it on a page by page basis and you can configure replace order values to retain data in a text or image placeholder on the replacement. 

Add Layouts

  1. From your Unified admin, go to Print Editor>Layouts.
  2. To add a new layout group click the +Add Layout button, enter name, description, save.
  3. To add layout items to an existing group first click the ">" arrow on the far left of the group to expose sub-items like the screenshot above. 
    1. Now click the +Add button within the subgrid.
    2. Select an IDML file only. It can contain multiple pages that will be added as individual layouts or it can contain new pages to add to existing layout items. 
    3. Click upload and you will see your layout items listed
    4. Click Action icon and edit to upload a thumbnail that will be exposed in Print Editor or delete to remove items
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