Onboarding & Support



Onboarding is provided for new customers of PrintNow to ensure your first deployment with us is a success. We have several onboarding packages to choose from that can be aligned with the time frame established to launch your Print Store.

An Onboarding Manager will be assigned to you from the start of your PrintNow subscription Service. Typically a specific day and time are scheduled in advance for the weekly webinar sessions and ongoing communication is available via email as technical questions arise.

What's included:

  • Goal-oriented, big-picture conversations
  • Web-to-Print strategy planning
  • Progress updates to keep you your top projects on target
  • Webinar working sessions
  • PrintNow Tool training

Standard, Advanced, and Premium Support plans

You can choose a Standard, Advanced, or Premium support plan to customize your PrintNow support experience for your business needs. The level of support that you select aligned with each plan determines your level of access to the tools available in the Support Center, case severity. initial response time objectives and additional support recourses on call.


Initial response Service Level Objectives (SLO) do not apply to any billing, invoice, or sales related inquiry or cases.

  Standard Support Advanced Support Premium Support
Description Standard business protection that is included with your PrintNow Subscription account Prioritized case handling and support experience that is aligned with your business needs for your Subscription account. Client engagement that is aligned with your business outcomes to accelerate time-to-value for your Subscription account.
Availability 24 x 7 access to the PrintNow technical support team through cases, and chat 24 x 7 access to the PrintNow technical support team through cases, and chat 24 x 7 access to the PrintNow technical support team through cases, phone, and chat
Initial response time objectives Not applicable Severity 1: Less than one hour
Severity 2: Less than two hours
Severity 3: Less than four hours
Severity 4: Less than eight hours
Severity 1: Less than 15 minutes
Severity 2: Less than one hour
Severity 3: Less than two hours
Severity 4: Less than four hours
Additional support Not applicable Not applicable Technical Account Manager assigned
Quarterly business reviews
Access to experts


Severity Business impact Details
4 Minimal An inquiry or non-technical request.
3 Some The product, service, or functions are usable, and the issue doesn't represent a significant impact on operations.
2 Significant A product, service, business feature, or function of the product or service is severely restricted in its use, or you are in jeopardy of missing business deadlines.
1 Critical System or Service Down
Business-critical functions are inoperable or a critical interface has failed. This usually applies to a production environment and indicates an inability to access products or services that results in a critical impact on operations. This condition requires an immediate solution.



We work with you 24 hours a day and seven days a week to resolve Severity 1 problems if you have a technical resource available to work during those hours. You must reasonably assist with any problem diagnosis and resolution.


Technical Consulting

If you require ongoing high-level, personal technical guidance from one consistent point of contact from a lead source you may want to consider PrintNow's Technical consulting service.

What's included:

  • Managing support requests
  • Technical set-up and solution design
  • Print Store customization
  • Guidance and training on tool functionality
  • Technical process documentation
  • API integrations (documentation, researching technical challenges, recommending endpoints)
  • Ongoing access to a PrintNow Technical Consultant
  • Customized Quarterly Consulting Report
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Technical Consulting consists of up to two (2) hours of monthly consulting assistance.


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