HP Site Flow


Site Flow combines automated order submission, prepress, and shop floor management capabilities enabling you to process thousands of orders every single day. With Site Flow, you can manage the production of jobs originating from automated systems, websites, and Web-to-print systems, along with ad hoc orders from print buyers via Customer Sales Reps.

The OneFlow API is a RESTful HTTP based API. Where possible, we have exposed resource-oriented access using standard HTTP verbs and respond with standard HTTP status codes.

When communicating with the API directly, JSON will be returned in all responses including errors. If you are using one of our SDKs, the SDK will transform the JSON responses into language-specific OneFlow objects.

Any off-the-shelf HTTP client written in any language should be able to access the API easily.

In order to configure you'll need to supply your OneFlow credentials: destination, token and secret.


Activate Partner Integration

  1. From your Unified admin, go to Partner Apps>HP Site Flow.
  2. Enter HP Site Flow Credentials provided by HP support.
  3. Enter Order Trigger. Setting manual mode will require you to hit a button on the order details page to process order where other values will automatically process the job when status is selected. 
  4. Logging is built in but not enabled by default. Click Logging Enabled to active logs.
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