Promotion Codes


Promotion Codes


You can offer your customers a fixed value, percentage, or shipping discount on product categories in your Print Store. You can specify usage limits, minimum subtotals, valid end date, or min and max quantity that applies.

Promotion Info:

The code name to refer to and to enter into Print Store.
The description for you to give to remind you (the admin) what it does.
To make the code active or not.

Promotion Details:

Set Monetary Value or Percentage based pricing. Or create a Free shipping only code
Set the value to apply for Monetary or Percentage based pricing.
Code will apply if at least one product from a matching category is added to cart.
Free Shipping Add-on
Apply free shipping along with a discount selection.
Restrict to category
If you have multiple items in the cart discount will only apply to category selection above and not entire order.

Promotion Code:

Usage Limit
The number of times that code can be used for each unique customers. Leave empty for no restriction.
Min. SubTotals
Only apply promotion if min SubTotal is met.
Min Quantity
Only apply promotion if min Quantity is met.
Max Quantity
Only apply promotion if max Quantity is met.
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