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The Site Themes Editor is where you store, preview, publish, clone, and edit all your Print Store themes within the PrintNow Admin Tools. It has a built in file manager for downloading, uploading and editing files and folders. Easily navigate your theme directories and post changes as an alternative to using FTP accounts.

You can add multiple themes to your account to try out any new themes, keep seasonal versions of your published theme, or test changes to a copy of your published theme. You can preview any of these themes, but only one theme can be published at any time.

After you add a theme, you can create a link so that you can share a preview of your theme with others. This can be helpful if you are looking for feedback before you publish a new theme or launch your online store.

Site Themes

  1. From your Unified admin, go to Print Store>Site Themes.
  2. To add a new theme click +Add Theme button. This will create PrintNow's default theme in the root of your SiteThemes directory. You can choose to modify the default theme or create a new theme by Integrating HTML themes and working with Print Store theme structure.
  3. Click the Action icon to expose options: Apply (publish), clone, edit, rename, and delete theme.

Site Themes Editor

  1. From your Unified admin, go to Print Store>Site Themes.
  2. Click the Action icon and Edit to open theme in the Site Themes Editor.


Top Bar
Click File/New Folder to create a new Folder directory.
Click File/New File to create a new file or upload new file.
Click File/Download to download files of folders you select in main panel.
Click File/Delete to delete files of folders you select in main panel.
Click Back to navigate back through open folders and back to root.
Side Panel
Click Folders and Sub Folders to expose files on main panel.
Main Panel
Select Checkbox(s) to select and download or delete file(s) from File menu on Top Bar.
Select Action icon to rename folders and files or replace files.

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